What are, and may I send, Super-Sized Duffels?

  • Bags that measure 50" long by 18" wide by 18" in height (or greater) are considered over-sized. The baggage suppliers typically refer to over-sized duffels as "colossal" or "monster". If your bag fits this description, please add an additional $50 per piece round-trip and $25 one-way.

Can I pay for baggage service with my credit card?

  • YES. Credit Cards are only accepted when registering online. Visit www.rbcampbaggage.com for online enrollment.

Why are there deadlines for registration?

  • To ensure the most efficient service and to manage truck capacity, registrations are due May 1st.

Do we need to call R&B to increase or reduce the number of bags we are shipping to or from camp?

  • If you increase the number of bags, please send us an e-mail with the change. If you decrease the number of bags, you will receive a refund if you notify us at least 5 days prior to pickup or return. Please see our website for details on changing the number of bags going to or from camp.

I plan to leave my baggage outside on the day of pickup. Do I need to notify R&B in advance?

  • No, our crews are instructed to search for the baggage in obvious places. If your baggage is on the front, back or side porch, or in an unlocked garage, there is no need to contact the office. If the baggage is not in one of these locations, please call our office at least 24 hours in advance of your pick-up time so that we can notify our crew.

What do we do if we are not home on the scheduled date of pickup and we cannot leave our baggage outside or in an unlocked garage?

  • Call our office and let us know where the baggage will be. You can leave your baggage at a neighbor's home, a locked garage, or another camp family in your area.

How will we know that R&B has picked up our bags?

  • We will leave a card by your door or in the location where your baggage was left, notifying you that your baggage is safely on its way to camp.

Should we have our own baggage tags?

  • R&B will provide you with baggage tags. We also recommend that all bags have an alternate form of identification. Stenciling the bag with the camper's name is highly recommended. Please remove all old shipping tags from previous summers.

Can we send sports equipment?

  • Yes, all hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets, water skis, roller blades, bicycles, and golf clubs must be packed in appropriate containers. To ensure that they will make it safely to, and from, camp they cannot be strapped on to duffels or other baggage being shipped.

What about sleeping bags?

  • Pack sleeping bags inside another bag to avoid additional charges.

What does the optional insurance cover?

  • Optional insurance will cover bags against fire/theft up to $1,000 per piece. R&B Camp Baggage is not responsible for missing or damaged items packed inside a duffel bag. Optional insurance costs $40 per camper round trip, $20 one way. Please note that this insurance does not cover any damage to the duffel. Damage due to being dragged at camp, overpacking, etc is not covered. 

What is your policy on tipping?

  • Gratuities are greatly appreciated and at your discretion.

Do we need to lock our bags?

  • Bags go directly from our trucks to camp. We suggest all zippers be secured with a zip tie to prevent items from accidental loss.

What if we have a different return address?

  • Please call our office to notify us of your new address. Changes of address must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the camp's closing.

What if I am unexpectedly not home on the day of pickup?

  • If the baggage is not in an obvious location, please leave a note on your front door with the new location to alert our crew.

What if you picked up baggage at my neighbor's an hour ago and you still have not picked up my bags?

  • Don't worry. We may have multiple trucks that cover the same service area. Another truck may be picking up your baggage.

It is past our pick-up time and you have not arrived. What should we do?

  • We make every attempt to be on time. Conditions beyond our control can cause delays. Our office will make every attempt to notify you if our crews are running well behind schedule.

Can we change our date and/or time of pickup?

  • Due to advance scheduling and truck capacities, it is usually not possible to change the date or time of our services.

UPS/FedEx use at camp's end

  • R&B, on rare occasions, and at its discretion, may ship baggage home via UPS/FedEx. All zippers will be secured with a zip ties to prevent items from accidental loss.